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Principles of cookies processing

Company Diveproduction s.r.o.. , with its registered seat at Pavlovska 267, 27351 Cerveny Ujezd, registration number: 27163288, signed at Městský soud in Prague, C101114, takes the protection of personal data seriously, so please read the information of how our company processes cookies on own websites.

Our contact details:

tel.+ 420 312 699 790

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files created by a web server and stored on a computer. The computer is then identified when it returns to the server. Usually, user preferences are loaded into cookies (e.g. the language selected on the page) or some situation (if you are logged in, what goods you have in the basket, etc.).

What cookies do we use?            

Functional cookies

Functional Cookies help a site work well, they enable additional features which can make the user experience better.

Analytical cookies

Analytical Cookies are used to determine usage of a site, they may track an individual users, but only to the extent to allow a users journey through the site. They are not used for targeting adverts (Marketing Cookies)

Marketing cookies

Marketing Cookies are used to target advertising to a user (behavioural targeting). They are often served by third party companies, and track a user across websites.

What purposes do we collect cookies for?

  1. For the operation of websites. Such technical cookies are necessary for the site functioning in a way they supposed to and saving them to your device is in our legitimate interest. 
  2. For measuring website traffic and generating statistics related to traffic and behaviour of visitors on the site are reviewed in the form of a collective unit and in anonymized form (as our legitimate interest) or in pseudonymized form in which personal data are processed and which allows the identification of an individual with considerable and professional effort only. The processing of these tracking cookies can only take place with your agreement.
  3. Cookies for the purpose of targeting advertising are processed based on your agreement and contain personal data. These are remarketing cookies. Thanks to these cookies, third parties such as Google, display advertisements that match with your preferences and interests on our websites, as well as on the web advertising spaces of other companies.

You can dispute by setting up your browser. In case of an objection, we cannot guarantee that websites will function properly.

You can revoke your agreement to processing of cookies at any time or again allow it by setting your browser as described below udner each line of browser.

Who can see cookies?

The above-mentioned recipients process your personal data for stated purposes only and based on our instructions in accordance with the relevant measures to ensure confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Personal data are transferred outside the European Union with a sufficient guarantee – Google and Facebook are part of Privacy Shield.

In case of any problém you can always contact our data protection officer – office