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Mini 400 bar (all black)

Mini 400 bar (all black)


Small pressure gauge in bar, all black with fluo quadrant. Diam. 45mm/1,8″
Shock resistant pressure gauges,complying with the CE directive,designed to absorb violent shocks. Nickeled brass case and bourdon spiral spring 414 BAR resistant(6.000 P.S.I.). Luminous dial. Accuracy + or – 1,5%. Kevlar and rubber H.P. HOSE 80cm long in conformity with DEMA 105 (USA) specification. 7/16″ Fittings. Working pressure 276 BAR (4.000 P.S.I.); test pressure 345 BAR (5.000 P.S.I.); bursting pressure higher than 1.300 BAR (18.850 P.S.I.). Safety coefficent 5:1. All manometers are available in PSI and in BARS and all depth meters are available in meters as well as in feet.


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